Featured Designer on Ava Living – Again!

Susan Diana Harris Interior Design is featured a second time as “Ava’s Choice” on Ava Living, the #1 Interior Design Social Network. Ava’s Choice writes, “Even small spaces can be big on style. Don’t let the lack of square footage stifle your creativity. See how our designers create stylish spaces no matter the size.”

The Chair that Wasn’t There

Scared of “modern furniture?” You don’t have to be. It’s all a frame of mind. Paola Navone’s Net 21F chair crushes our expectations of modern furniture being glossy white, sharp corners and bulky mass.

Express Yourself

Express Yourself

See that big surface down your railroad hallway? Write on it! Then, wipe it clean with a damp cloth and do it again! Free your hands from technology and test out your handwriting on paints that made their debut in a New York City school.

Feel Seating System

Crazy? Perhaps. Comfy? Most likely. This collection of one hundred and twenty 8″ foam balls offers support wherever it’s needed.

SF Workwomanship

San Francisco and Oakland are lucky to have furniture designer, Adrien Segal. Her River Table takes waves to the next level.

Lovely Italian Lighting

This lighting studio started back in the “Swatch era,” according to the founder of SLAMP, Roberto Ziliani. Beforehand, Ziliani was busy designing events for the fashion world.

Take a (Gorgeous) Seat!

High gloss paint and natural wood criss cross each other as Raw-Edges combines three distinct benches into one interlocking art piece. Art, that just happens to be furniture… Again!

Plywood’s Inner Beauty

These billowing curves lend their lightweight appearance to lazer cutting technology and the design of Liam Hopkins of the Manchester design studio, Lazerian. The Mensa tabled collection combines birch plywood and stainless steel rods for sturdy table bases that add stunning artwork where it’s least expected: under your meal, remote control or laptop.

Modern Circular Carpeting!

This Atlas Carpet Mills’ carpet has an enormous effect on a modern interior! The Contour’s concentric waves span 14″ circles across the floor. Like carvings, the ripples add subtle art to any room.

Chiyogami Home on AvaLiving.com

Susan Diana Harris Interior Design is featured again this week on AvaLiving.com for its “Chiyogami Modern” interior! Looking for artwork to compliment our chiyogami-influenced theme, we quickly fell in love with “Fluke the Mutant Cardinal” (below). This collage is one of many by Chelsea Groves.

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