SF Workwomanship

San Francisco and Oakland are lucky to have furniture designer, Adrien Segal. Her River Table takes waves to the next level.

Take a (Gorgeous) Seat!

High gloss paint and natural wood criss cross each other as Raw-Edges combines three distinct benches into one interlocking art piece. Art, that just happens to be furniture… Again!

Garden in Style

City dwellers! Plant away with this simple planter by Greenbo. These brightly colored pots are built to last with UV-safe polypropylene. Your plants just might last, too; removable drainage trays allow for easy care without drowning your neighbors below! Balconies are extension of the room – choose from nine colors to fit your decorative style. Turquoise, white, green or grey, perhaps?

Modern Circular Carpeting!

This Atlas Carpet Mills’ carpet has an enormous effect on a modern interior! The Contour’s concentric waves span 14″ circles across the floor. Like carvings, the ripples add subtle art to any room.

On-the-Fly Color Combinations

Two online tools by Idée Inc. create mosaics based on a few colors and millions of photos.