Lovely Italian Lighting

photosource: SLAMP

This lighting studio started back in the “Swatch era,” according to the founder of SLAMP, Roberto Ziliani.

photosource: SLAMP

Beforehand, Ziliani was busy designing events for the fashion world. Then, 1994 marked the beginning of many collaborations with artists, architects and designers. The diverse source of creativity shows in SLAMP’s lighting. The designs span from adventurous art to detailed, three-dimensional subtlety. Iridescent designs made up of laser-cut layers shimmer like jewelry. Meanwhile, more conservative styles stack form and shadow for details on top of details. Turn the light on for yet another effect entirely!

Gira Fiore Suspension Lamp by SLAMP

SLAMP has four strong, patented materials: Opalflex®, Cristalflex®, Steelflex®, and Opalflex®. SLAMP deftly combines these with natural leathers, woods, metals and Swarovski® crystals for lighting to keep for generations.

photo credit: SLAMP

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