Modern Circular Carpeting!

Atlas Carpet

I fell in love today. This Atlas Carpet Mills’ carpet has an enormous effect on a modern interior! The Contour’s concentric waves span 14″ circles across the floor.  Like carvings, the ripples add subtle art to any room.  The colors are just as lovely as the form: the two-tone colorways create a slight holographic effect.  The predominant color seen depends on the your lighting and viewing location.

Atlas Carpet 2

The colors, shadows and tactile curves of this carpet literally made my day! My feet would happily wake up to the Contour carpet for years on end.

Chiyogami Home on

Susan Diana Harris on AvaLiving - January 2010

Susan Diana Harris on AvaLiving - January 2010

Susan Diana Harris Interior Design’s “Chiyogami Modern” is featured again this week on!

Looking for artwork to compliment our chiyogami-influenced theme,  we quickly fell in love with “Fluke the Mutant Cardinal” (below).  This collage is one of many by Chelsea Groves who laces her artwork with the Japanese papers. Fluke’s salmon, aqua, cinnamon and tangerine hues now envelop the entire three bedroom home in Mountain View, California.

Fluke the Mutant Cardinal by ChelseArt

Fluke the Mutant Cardinal by ChelseArt

Not only are the walls swathed with color, but the details offer opportunities to play with the palette.  Chiyogami papers wrap wall plates and peek through glass cabinet knobs. The handiwork of the beautiful wall plates? None other than the clients themselves!

Chiyogami Wall Plate

Chiyogami Wall Plate

See more of this project at  Find the San Francisco Bay Area artist’s work at ChelseArt as under “BirdNerd” on

Modern Mobiles

For those of you with tall ceilings, please fill the space with art! Here are three modern mobiles:

Photo by oneblackbird - Glowbowls

Photo by oneblackbird - Glowbowls

San Francisco’s own Diana Fayt offers light with her “glowbowls” (above). Gorgeous unglazed bowls add form to your home by day. The bowls’ glazed interiors house votives to add movement and light by night. Strands of 5, 7 and 9 are common. Custom lengths are available to fill your loft! Find them at

Puka Puka Sea String Mobile

Photo by Puka Puka - Sea String Mobile

Puka Puka of Sydney, Australia brings us colorful, graphic mobiles made of polypropylene. The Sea String Mobile (above) exemplifies Nina Still’s playful, organic shapes and color combinations. Find her work at

Photo by Julie Frith - Cirqus Mobile

Photo by Julie Frith - Cirqus Mobile

Finally, Julie Frith of Eureka, California offers an understated focal point for minimalist homes: Cirqus. This is one of her “Foamobiles” made of EVA Foam. Don’t want black? Choose from thirtyone colors!

God’s Fingerprint? The Identity Rug



It’s God’s fingerprint in your living room! Its humbling scale is a breath of fresh air both in terms of design and production. This Pop Art modern rug, “Identity,” is one of many modern designs by‘s newest collection: Green Leaf Rugs. The line boasts 100% biodegradable rugs that are made in sweatshop-free environments.

My, Roo and Flower

A bean bag designed in Finland? That’s a recipe for well-designed comfort! Woodnotes’ low, frameless seating is wrapped in a slip cover made of sand paper yarn fabric. The company says that My, the chair, and Roo, the chaise are “dustless and antistatic.” These features, along with stunning design, just may bring low, soft, casual seating back to allergy-sufferers.
Woodnotes also brings us Flower, one of two beautiful, curtain-like design solutions made of nearly indestructable Tyvek®!

Mondrian-Inspired on Apartment Therapy

Apartment Therapy

Susan Diana Harris’ Mondrian Loft is one of a few Piet Mondrian-inspired interiors on Apartment Therapy!  Mondrian was stranded in his home country, the Netherlands, at the outbreak of the First World War.  His forced isolation from the international art world is said to be the catalyst of De Stijl, a movement Mondrian co-founded with artists Theo Van Doesburg, Anthony Kok, J.J.P. Oud, Vilmos Huszár and Bart van der Leck in 1917.  Mondrian’s art continues to influence architecture, fashions, furniture and graphics to this day! Markedly “Modern,” even 97 years later!

“I believe it is possible that, through horizontal and vertical lines constructed with awareness, but not with calculation, led by high intuition, and brought to harmony and rhythm, these basic forms of beauty, supplemented if necessary by other direct lines or curves, can become a work of art, as strong as it is true.”

~ Piet Mondrian to H.P. Bremmer in 1914

Sources: Apartment Therapy, Wikipedia 12

LAMA Concept’s CELL + LED Carpet

Lama Concept's Cell

Lama Concept's Cell

Dutch designers Yvonne Laurysen and Erik Mantel cut industrial woolfelt into strings and combine them to form cell-like structures. Add LEDs and voilà: LAMA Concept‘s CELL + LED Carpet.

The CELL + LED Carpet was first seen on the Airbus A350 businessclass. Tweak the 32 available colors, striped pattern, number of LEDs, and rug shape for a custom look. Take it a step further with your choice of LED color!

See this at the Fashioning Felt Exhibition at the Cooper-Hewitt: 6 March – 7 September 2009.

Neverending Paper Chair

Childrens Paper Chair

Childrens Paper Chair

Charlotte Friis Design Studio‘s “Childrens Paper Chair” offers kids and parents multiple solutions:

  • Creative spot for drawing
  • Sketch paper storage
  • Artwork storage


This clever design offers drawing boards and seating for up to two children ages 2 – 7 years.  Now, let’s make one for grown-ups!


 Via The Cool Hunter

Mondrian Loft Makes News in China!

CNMD Article

China’s Modern Decoration Magazine, CNMD featured Susan Diana Harris Interior Design’s Mondrian Loft. The Yerba Buena Loft in San Francisco’s SOMA Neighborhood is honored by CNMD as an “International Trend.”  Read the  five-page article either in Cantonese or English by clicking here!

Wind Portal at SFO Bart Station

SFO Wind Portal (Photo: Derek Gurney)

SFO Wind Portal (Photo: Derek Gurney)

I would love to thank Paul Woolford and Ned Kahn for the hundreds of thousands of sequin-like discs that welcome everyone to San Francisco. The 12-feet deep, 2-feet thick kinetic sculpture called the “Wind Portal” stops my heart everytime I find myself lucky enough to experience it. Located at San Francisco Airport and SFO BART Station, the discs lap over one another 24 hours a day with help from the station’s train- and plane-induced wind.

This is only one of many life-size installations by Mr. Kahn. His art “incorporate[s] flowing water, fog, sand and light to create complex and continually changing systems.”

View a video from Ned Kahn’s website here.

Photo by Derek Gurney.
Via Construction Online.

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