God’s Fingerprint? The Identity Rug

Green Leaf Rugs boasts many modern, 100% biodegradable rugs that are made in sweatshop-free environments.

Neverending Paper Chair

Charlotte Friis Design Studio’s “Childrens Paper Chair” offers kids and parents multiple drawing solutions.

Mondrian Loft Makes News in China!

China’s Modern Decoration Magazine, CNMD featured Susan Diana Harris Interior Design’s Mondrian Loft in Cantonese and English.

Constellation: LED Chandelier

Studio 1Thousand’s Constellation LED chandelier uses the electricity of a 20-watt light bulb to power 364 LEDs.

International Communication through Art

Reach out and touch someone with gestural interconnectivity! Introducing the ‘Passage for Peace.’

v-Bed: One Bed For Life!

Tojo’s v-bed is an expandable investment that will move with you from your Manhattan studio to your SOMA loft and back again!

Giorgio Biscaro’s Metamerick Table

Another gem at the Salone Satellite 2009 – Giorgio Biscaro’s Metamerick Table offers multiple configurations for the ultimate customizable dining table.